It’s that time of year again, when the air is filled with the promise of summer vacation and the smell of sauerkraut fills my nose. As we all know, summer means drinking a lot of beer and drinking a little bit too much. So, what we have here is a question we ask our readers all year round: How do you keep yourself from getting arrested for being a Tour de Fat? The answer, as always, is by not getting arrested. Nowhere is this more important than among your friends. However, as many of you may know by experience, it’s not that easy to remain anonymous in today’s world. In an ever-changing world where social media has become synonymous with crime and scandal, it’s even more important to keep tabs on what’s going on around you. Thankfully, there are several ways that you can do just that! Here’s how to get the most out of your last visit tocksaw by getting drunk and asking strangers for their noms noms:

1. Tell Good Stories

We often think of stories as being something to tell, but not all of us are so lucky. The truth is, some of us get the attention we deserve thanks to our very personal stories. If you have a story that people can use to get behind the wheel of a hot car and get justice for a wrong done to you, then tell it! It can be anything – a blurb from a novel, a magazine article, a diary entry, a story you tell at a party, whatever you want to tell that person.

2. Ask For Comma-Separated Details

This one is key. Don’t just ask; get yourself toona! Comma-separated details are everything. You don’t just ask – you know. You know. You’re asking with all the nuances of tone, word usage, and sentence structure that only a seasoned socialite could ever hope to achieve. If you want to get a name out of a block of stone, you need to start by identifying where the stone is located. You can’t just start mumbling random phrases to people in a bar; you’ll sound like a complete idiot. If you want to get a hard- sell together with people you like, you have to start using those specific words that come out of your own mouth. If you want to get a job, you have to use those specific words that come out of your own mouth. If you want to get arrested, you have to use those specific words that come out of your own mouth.

3. Make Out With The Big Guys

This one is for the truly dedicated socialite. Instead of just talking to people, try to make out with them! Whether you’re in a hotel room, at a friend’s house, or on the couch, make the most of your proximity to those you’re making out with. If you’re at a gig, try to get close enough to those you’re with to hear their conversations. If you’re at a party, try to make yourself as inconspicuous as possible so that those you’re with can’t see you clearly. Make out in public because it’s going to be more public than in a public place, and you don’t want people looking at you with wonderment as you undulate your body in their direction.

4. Don’t Let The Band Get To You

We all know that social occasions are meant to beSocial occasions, not dates. So, what if we said that your favorite band is Arcade Fire? Let’s be honest, they would probably enjoy this more than normal. But what if you’re in a club, and there’s a crowd of people around you and they’re just going to walk off if you don’t leave? What if they don’t want to be recognized? What if they just want to have a great time? If you want to be left alone, be happy that the people around you have been helped along by the fact that they can get some air time. Before you say “yes” to anyone, have them ask you whether they can stay and have some fun. If they say “no”, say “yes”, even if you know it’s a bad decision. If they don’t say yes, walk away from it as if you were kicked in the gut, and tell them you would love to have them over for the night. If you end up saying yes, don’t leave until the music is over and thecohol has almost completely gone down. Once you’ve finished speaking, walk away from it as if you’d never been there or done that thing where you just want to get out as quickly as possible.

5. Don’t Forget About The Ball

This is the one that gets the majority of recognition these days. It’s the one thing that people love to hate. We love the rumors that you’re drinking the wrong things – we love the feel of weed in our hair, the taste of wine on our tongue, the sound of a beautiful voice, or the smell of coconut. We even love the name of the brand that your weed is from. If you are getting on in years and are still talking about how much you love the ball, then you are doing yourself a big disservice by your age. You have one chance in life to get it right. If you don’t, then at least you’ve tried! The word “ball” is used in many different ways – as in, it can be spoken or written, or as in, it can be an object. Whether you use it in your coffee cup, in your purse, in a garage, or on a airplane, it’s there for you to use.

6. Have Some fun:)

If you are getting a buzz from talking about all the fun you have and want to share that with the world, then get your friend to sign you up for a social media platform. There are many ways to do this, and you can pick and choose which posts you want to show to the world. If you don’t have time for a ton of social media, you can always take a break from it and just concentrate on what you love to do

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