Insurance for Renewable Energy Projects: Latest NewsInsurance for Renewable Energy Projects: Latest News

The fast-growing renewables sector provides challenges and opportunities for the insurance market. In this article, we cover the key lines of focus and trends for the insurance of renewable energy projects.

Specific Issues Related to Renewable Projects:

Renewable energy projects such as wind and solar farms exhibit unique risks compared to conventional forms of energy. These include:
⦁ Construction Risks: Renewable projects often have unique and specialized equipment, as well as a complex construction phase. Property damage, equipment failure, and worker injuries are all potential risks.
⦁ Operational Risks: Once renewable projects are operational, the risk of weather events (such as storms or hail), mechanical failures, and cyberattacks is present. Losses resulting from hail, lightning strikes, and gale-force winds can be catastrophic.
⦁ Output Performance Guarantees: Many renewable energy projects include output performance guarantees. If we lose out on these promises for reasons beyond our control, it will not only bring financial fines but also a bad reputation.

Tailored Insurance Solutions:

There are therefore tailored insurance policies that have been developed by insurers to provide coverage for these specific risks that arise from renewable energy projects. Specifically, most of these policies insure you for:
⦁ Physical damage to the project infrastructure (e.g., wind turbines, solar panels, and transmission lines): Property Damage
⦁ Business interruption: loss of turnover due to project downtime due to insured events.
⦁ Construction and Erection: Insurance against damage or loss to the works on a construction or erection project during the construction period.
⦁ Mean Time to Repair (MTTR): Similarly, for example, financial loss due to delay in project completion.
⦁ Cyber risk insurance: for coverage against cyberattacks that can disrupt project functions or cause harm to control systems.
⦁ Performance guarantees: protect against financial penalties if the system does not produce its guaranteed energy output.

Recent News in Renewable Energy Insurance:

Increase in Insurance Premiums for Renewables: A recent report by [source needed, e.g., Edison Energy] details the skyrocketing cost of insurance premiums. This development has been driven by both higher reinsurance rates and the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property.

Emphasis on Data and Analytics: Insurers are now using data analytics to enhance risk assessment, enabling special insurance products for renewable projects. It enables a differentiated pricing strategy where premiums vary according to, e.g., the risk setting of individual projects.

Emerging Market Demand: The investment generated by developing nations in renewables will require appropriate solutions from insurance. It offers a chance for insurers to diversify their portfolios and enter new locations.

Cyber Risk Focus: As the risk of cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, including renewable projects, grows in significance, so too does demand for cyber risk insurance. The industry has been creating products such as those sold by Ironshore that protect businesses against the possibility of losses caused by data breaches or other cyber events.

Which Sunglasses Polarize: Several industry participants are trying to standardize insurance policies for renewable projects. Something like this could even increase transparency and consistency in the insurance market, so developing a project finance policy would be relatively straightforward.


One of the enablers of growth in this sector is the availability of risk-mitigating solutions offered by the insurance industry. Insurers can keep pace with changing demands and take advantage of developments in technology to create cutting-edge insurance products that are designed specifically for the risks posed by renewable energy projects. The insurance/renewables cooperation will be an essential proof for the continuous positive development of clean energy solutions.