While travel insurance may not be mandatory for Americans embarking on a business or holiday visit to the UK, it would be a wise decision to have solid travel insurance coverage.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned Americans not to travel to the United Kingdom. If you’re planning to go anyway, or if you’re planning a future vacation there, having the right financial protection is even more important. Even if you are fully vaccinated, there is still a chance you could catch Covid and spoil your trip to the UK.

The United Kingdom is a vast country with a mixture of urban and rural areas. Among the travelers are long weekend travelers who want to visit London and experience the thrill of The Royals, as well as travelers who are planning a two week vacation to explore the countryside and the historical value of the area.

Since the US health insurance plan will not cover you when you travel abroad, it is recommended that you get travel insurance for your trips in the UK.

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How does travel insurance for UK flights work? The travel insurance policy will cover the following benefits:

  • Cancellation of flights for trips
  • Flight delays and interruptions
  • Baggage loss
  • Medical expenses and emergency evacuation for medical reasons

Here are some great benefits of travel insurance for anyone traveling to the UK:

Flight cancellation insurance for trips to the UK

You may not want to cancel the trip. Often, no one feels comfortable about it. But there is always the possibility that something unexpected will force you to do so. This is why travel cancellation insurance exists. If you need to cancel your vacation or work appointment, this will protect your investment.

Why are most Americans canceling trips to the UK? The most common reasons for canceling and filing a claim are emergencies and misfortunes. It could be the death of a family member or one of your travel companions. Passengers can also cancel their flight as a result of a life-threatening family issue, or a national emergency as in the case of coronavirus, whether at home or in your destination country.

If there was a case of a terrorist attack three days before your trip to London, for example, that’s reason enough to cancel the trip.

You will be fully reimbursed for all prepaid, non-refundable fees associated with your canceled flight if you cancel it.

On what basis does travel insurance cover you? If you have fully refundable airline tickets, you will not be able to make a claim under travel insurance.

It is also not a covered reason to file a travel insurance claim if you had a disagreement with your travel companions in the week prior to your trip. Consider a Cancellation for Any Reason (CFAR) insurance upgrade if you want maximum freedom to cancel—family feuds, fear of traveling, or watching a royal wedding on TV.

Adding CFAR to your travel insurance will increase the cost by approximately 40%, but will give you the most flexibility in terms of canceling and filing an insurance claim. Typically, a “cancellation for any reason” claim entitles you to 50 percent or 75 percent compensation.

Travel insurance covers delays in your trip to the UK

If you experience a delay in your travel for a number of covered reasons, your travel delay benefits will offset your additional costs. You can file a claim, for example, if you are due to fly to London at 10pm and leave your home at 6pm to get to the airport, but the motorway is closed due to an accident and you miss your flight.

You can file a claim for expenses such as rebooking your flight or losing money on your prepaid hotel room on the first night.

If your flight is delayed while you are waiting at the airport, you may be able to file a claim about the food and toiletries you ordered during that time. Want to know what happens when you file your flight insurance claim late? Check out this article.

UK travel insurance covers trip interruption

A flight interruption is referred to as a “post-departure benefit” because it occurs after you have started your flight.

What are some of the common causes of flight interruptions in the UK? Injury, illness, death of a traveler or travel companion, terrorist events, severe weather, or a family problem back home are all common causes.

Your coverage benefits will cover the price of last-minute flights, transportation, and any unused or prepaid deposits that you may lose if you cancel your flight early.

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Loss of travel baggage

Baggage loss coverage includes more than baggage lost in transit. The scope of coverage includes baggage and personal belongings.

Petty thefts, pickpockets, and the possibility of your items being stolen can happen in any tourist destination, especially urban centers.

The baggage benefits of your travel insurance policy can cover the repair, replacement or reimbursement of your belongings. This can include your wallet, handbag, phone, or other valuables, even the monetary value at the time of the theft.

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