Insurance premiums and theft

Theft can happen at any moment. It’s easy to live in constant fear of the kind of catastrophe that comes your way and ruins your life, but there are ways to increase your security and help ease your fears.

Moreover, taking proper security measures can lower insurance premiums and reduce the risk of theft. truly! Taking appropriate measures to protect your vehicle, home and business pays off.

The emergence of property theft

Although lower burglary rates are reported annually, most of these claims are based on the most recent FBI statisticswhich goes back to 2019. However, it is estimated that there were more than 1 million burglaries in 2019, which represents only 16% of all property crimes.

Property theft categories

Data source: FBI 2019

This already high number, although it may be part of a downward trend, fails to explain the wave of property crime that has risen over the past few years. Civil unrest and economic downturn created a hotbed of theft in the major cities.

Many property crimes of the past few years will not be recorded in future statistics as larger countries have taken steps to do so Decriminalize some theftsThis results in companies not bothering to file police reports. I speak from firsthand knowledge of this as a security professional.

Most reports haven’t caught up with the alarming rise in thefts cited by David Galloway at the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) in his book March 1, 2022, testimony before the US Senate. There, the president and CEO of the NICB said that car thefts increased nearly 17% over 2019.

car theft rates

Data source: NICB 2020

In certain states, such as Wisconsin and Colorado, the NICB found that car thefts rose 74% and 79%, respectively, between 2022 and 2019. California, in particular, had nearly 40,000 car thefts in 2021 compared to what it did in 2019 .

The rise in nonviolent cases of property theft is not comparable to what Galawi witnessed regarding violent car theft (referred to as auto theft). New York cities. Philadelphia. Chicago; Washington, DC, all had an increase in the rate of auto theft that exceeded the 2019 figures by more than 200%.

Make no mistake. Whether the numbers are accurately documented or still withheld, there is an increased risk of property theft. For these reasons, it is important to know the best ways to protect your property while also lowering your insurance premiums.

Anti-theft devices and cars

You can get special discounts for anti-theft devices if you report such devices to your insurance provider on your vehicle. Therefore, having these anti-theft devices is very important. You have quite a few options when it comes to these devices, as they come in multiple types.

In general, installing one or more of these security measures helps greatly in securing your car or even commercial trucks.

  1. Warning

Car alarms are fairly standard these days, but not everyone has them. When a thief tries to break into a car, the alarm draws attention to them, making the attempted robbery more dangerous and possibly causing them to run. Make sure to install a car alarm if you don’t already have one.

For added security, you can invest in third-party car alarms that send an alert to your phone. More personalized alerting of a potential theft in progress reduces the chances of alarm fatigue. Alarm fatigue is the phenomenon in which the sound of alarm is treated as a nuisance to be ignored rather than as a sign to take action.

  1. GPS

Having a GPS makes it much easier to track your car and therefore it can be retrieved. They’re great for finding your destination, sure, but they’re also very effective security methods. The GPS module must be installed in the vehicle for this to fully function.

If you don’t have GPS built into your dashboard, you can still put geolocation devices in your car. Apple Air tags, or similar small devices, can be hidden on the vehicle so they can be tracked in the event of theft. It can even be placed on valuables inside the car.

  1. Steering wheel and tire locks

These locks do what you think they do – they prevent the steering wheel or tires from moving until they are unlocked with a key. Cunning thieves can bypass them, but locks can slow them down significantly. And for the most part, car thieves ignore the added security of an easier target.

Although steering wheel and tire locks are very effective in preventing even the most ingenious of thieves from wanting to actually have the problem of having your car stolen. It does not discourage attempts to smash and seize property inside the vehicle.

  1. Dash cameras and baby monitors

Cameras are fairly straightforward anti-theft measures. If you monitor the interior of your vehicle – especially if the data can be accessed remotely – thieves are likely to be identified, increasing the likelihood of your vehicle being recovered.

The main consideration will be whether or not you are going to make the camera clear. A clear camera may deter some anxious criminals from documenting their crimes. But some criminals break into cars specifically to steal electronics like dash cams.

  1. kill keys

Kill switches are hidden switches in your car that prevent it from being started while it is in the “off” position. They are designed to be inconspicuous and will typically leave a speeding thief thinking your car has something wrong, give up, and move on to the next car.

Kill switches come in a variety of complications. The simplest stop switch is a single switch with an on and off direction. Other lockout switches provide more security by requiring a set of directions to allow the motor to spin, so detecting the key is not enough to undermine it.

Prevent motorcycle theft

But what about motorcycles? How many of these theft prevention methods apply to these vehicles?

You can still get handlebar and wheel locks, power off switches, GPS, and alarms, as well as motorcycle anti-theft devices. There are still several ways to reduce your chances of motorcycle theft that don’t apply to car or truck theft.

  1. bike locks

A standard bike lock is, of course, a great preventative measure against theft. Make sure you park your bike in an inconspicuous place and make sure the lock doesn’t touch the ground. If it did, it would be much easier to break it.

Disk locks are good for security. These tires sit on your bike’s tires and keep them from moving while you’re away. It is difficult to break and difficult for thieves to remove.

  1. heavy chain

Tie your motorcycle to something heavy. In this way, the thief cannot come with him and pick him up with his comrades.

A lot of motorcycle thefts are done by teams of people who simply collect bikes and walk with them or load them into trucks. You should be on the alert for this type of theft if you don’t want your motorcycle to be stolen.

  1. bike photo / Mark

It’s always good to have a picture and some sort of unique marking on your bike. This makes it easy to recover and proves to both the police and insurance that the bike is yours.

The tag can be a custom sticker or even your initials written somewhere. Anything that makes a bike easily recognizable questions the safety of that bike, and it doesn’t have to look ugly.

  1. Lock forks / ignition locks

Many bikes come with locking forks, and nearly all have ignition locks. If your bike doesn’t already have one, or your bike is faulty, consider getting a new one. While they are malleable, they go a little further in terms of security.

The only thing that makes these security measures effective is that even when a thief knows how to bypass them, it slows them down. This makes you more likely to catch them and make them more dangerous.

  1. home security

If you park your bike at home, having a certain degree of home security, in turn, helps keep your bike safe, making it less likely that it will be stolen.

Most people don’t think of home security in terms of protecting the car, but the truth is that parking the car in a safe place can significantly reduce the risk of theft. You can’t control where you park your car when you’re outside, but making your home safe is one of the areas of control you have.

Anti-theft measures and buildings

Your home, commercial property, or even property under construction can benefit from lower premiums if the risk of theft is lower. But what are the factors that contribute to reducing the risk of theft?

The truth is that high theft sites increase premiums. You cannot fully control where this building is, so if you are in a high theft area, you need to control your security, to reduce the chance of major theft. And the To lower your insurance premiums.

When it comes to home or commercial crime insurance, just like vehicle insurance, you can install a variety of anti-theft devices to lower your premiums. And like vehicle insurance, these devices vary greatly, and you have plenty of options to choose from.

On top of that, take pictures of your things, so you have an updated inventory of your insurance policy.

Anti-theft measures and home

You can get discounts on homeowners insurance if you install certain security devices. But getting these discounts isn’t so much about using a single device as it is about integrating those devices into a fully monitored home security system.

  1. deadbolts

Your primary level of protection is the locks you use on all exterior doors, which must include at least one lock for each entrance. A strong lock is a lock that does not use a spring-loaded mechanism, which you find on most doorknobs and knobs.

Without a spring on the latch latch, the lock cannot be opened with a credit card or easily bypassed. But dead incisors are still susceptible to destructive picking and entry like a doorknob unless you use some high-security features like safety pins and steel.

  1. Monitored alarms

When it comes to home alarms, you don’t just want a loud sound that annoys your neighbors. Alarms must be monitored around the clock by a specialized security company. Without that extra level of protection, the alarm doesn’t provide much security.

The car alarm will also flash to notify passersby of which cars are being attacked. In homes, this is less noticeable, which limits the possibility of passers-by entering. You want to have a service that can contact the police with all relevant information in real time.

  1. security camera

Whether you have one or multiple security cameras, it is important that the footage is monitored. Documenting a crime can be important for recovering stolen goods and for prosecuting thieves. But these privileges do not provide security in terms of crime prevention.

For meaningful security, you need someone who is prepared to respond to threats in real time. This is why it is so important to integrate a security camera with a more involved home security system. The monitored alarm system is enhanced by video surveillance.

  1. smart locks

A major advantage of smart locks is that they can integrate with other elements of your home security system. With live updates and WiFi controls, you can check to see if all doors are locked and even be alerted when they open.

Even if the locks are defeated and the alarm surreptitiously or surreptitiously, you can still alert the lock to be unlocked. In cases where you know that not all authorized visitors should enter the house, this will be sufficient to indicate that a crime is most likely in progress or that the house is under threat.

Final recommendations

Although your insurance rates may drop when you invest in better insurance, that is not the end goal. Whether you are considering physical security or insurance, you are looking forward to better protection and peace of mind. So make sure that you are properly secured and that you are using the most effective security devices for your needs.

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