Are you in dire need of life insurance, or do you have a pre-existing medical condition that makes you ineligible for conventional life insurance? This article discusses how to obtain a file Cheap term life insurance Policy without a medical examination.

Most life insurance policies require you to have a medical exam to enable the insurance company to assess your risk of…you know, death. From your medical report, insurance companies can determine your life expectancy. This enables them to determine the insurance premium and coverage to offer you life insurance. However, if you are at high risk (work in a high-risk job or have many pre-existing medical conditions), some insurance companies may deny your application.

Everyone deserves life insurance, not least for the peace of mind it provides, knowing your family will be okay if anything happens to you. This is why some insurance companies have taken the risk of issuing life insurance policies that do not require a medical examination, one of which is no-test life insurance.

So, if you are looking for a cheap term life insurance policy, read on to discover the possibility and how to get one.

Can You Get Life Insurance Without A Medical Examination?

Yes, you can get a life insurance policy without a medical examination. However, most policies that don’t require a medical exam often have higher premiums and limited coverage amounts.

The reason is not far fetched. Insurance companies require you to undergo medical examinations to enable them to assess their exposure when offering you coverage. Without a medical examination, insurance companies will not be aware of your risk profile, which can greatly affect them. Uncertainty about risks is driving insurers to charge higher premiums and offer lower coverage amounts to insurance applicants.

However, non-medical exam life insurance differs from other forms of insurance that do not require a medical exam. Life insurance without a medical exam is easily accessible, making it the best policy for those who need immediate coverage. It also comes with other essential benefits.

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