The main takeaway:

  • Even with huge supply issues, rising gas prices, and slowing new car sales, automakers are still selling millions of full-size cars and trucks in 2022.
  • The best selling cars of 2022 include several full-size pickup trucks and just one electric car.
  • There are some ways to save money and lower your auto insurance rates on new vehicles and we give you the details.

Gas prices are high and everyone is worried about a recession, but what is driving the slowdown in new car sales? Supply issues.

According to Cox Automotive economists, New car sales for 2022 It is expected to reach 14.4 million, compared to the 15.3 million originally forecast. Companies like Honda, Mazda, Buick and Nissan are seeing inventory declines of 40% to 50% of 2021 stock.

One of the major problems in the supply chain disruption in the auto industry is the acute shortage of computer chips. It all started with the COVID-19 factory shutdown when Consumer demand Car prices fell, but they increased for electronics. The switch has resulted in a large portion of the available inventory and chip manufacturers are still trying to catch up. Without computer chips, the manufacture of new cars would stop altogether.

However, even with supply issues and rising gas prices, sales of new cars and trucks continue, somewhat surprisingly, that America’s best-selling vehicles are full-size pickups. In fact, there is only one electric car in the top 15 – the Tesla Model Y.

Best selling cars of 2022

according to Car and Driver magazineNew car sales are fast as stock is available. This means that people who buy new cars are also in the market for car insurance and want to find the best coverage for their money. Here are the 15 best selling cars in America and the average monthly insurance for each.

Top 10 best selling cars ranked by insurance rate

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Interestingly, the top three cars in the US right now are full-size pickup trucks each selling over 200,000 between January and June of 2022. And only one electric car, the Tesla Model Y, is in the top 15. , selling just over 90,000 in the same period. Also on the list is Toyota, the most trusted car brand in the US according to Carmaxhas five different models in the top fifteen.

So, let’s talk about car insurance rates

For new cars and trucks, auto insurance rates can be high depending on a variety of components that are measured and taken into account by insurance companies. They look at everything from your age to your financial situation to determine if you are a dependable driver who can be trusted to take care of a new car.

Once you’ve decided what kind of new car you want to buy, you can get a car insurance price comparison online at This way, you can enter the deal knowing your monthly costs up front.

Since auto insurance can be a great investment, it is important to find ways to keep costs manageable. Let’s take a look at how to proactively affect the cost of insuring your new car.

How to keep your insurance rates as low as possible

New car insurance is expensive, but there are ways you can positively impact your costs. Here are some options to consider when buying new car insurance.

Discounts on multiple cars and multiple policies

Auto insurance companies devised a discount system as a way to reward behavior and keep customers loyal to their products. Over time, these discounts have successfully evolved into something customers expect and will shop for – be sure to discuss all available discounts with your insurance agent before purchasing an insurance policy.

  • Multiple Drivers or Multiple Vehicles – When you insure multiple vehicles or drivers with the same company, you often get a discounted rate.
  • Multiple Policies – Better yet, when you combine auto and home insurance policies, you’ll get even bigger discounts. According to Forbes, average discounts for homeowners up to 13%, condominium owners up to 11%, and renters up to 7%. You can also collect RV’s, motorcycles, boats, and SUV’s.
  • Auto Pay Discounts – Most insurance companies offer an automatic payment discount. They understand the benefit of knowing that their money will be paid out automatically. When you sign up for automatic payments, you can get a discount of up to 5%.
  • Full Payment Discounts – The term of your policy is usually six months or a year. Many people like to pay monthly and there is a cost or “service fee” to do so. If you pay in full when the document is issued, you can save significantly.
  • Go Paperless Discounts – When you sign up to save a tree, you usually get a small discount, and every little bit helps. In addition, most insurance companies have great apps for smartphones and tablets that give you electronic access to your insurance policy, bills, and ID cards.
  • Good student discounts – If you have a student (or student) driver between 16 and 25, most insurance companies offer discounts if you maintain a certain grade point average (usually a B or B+).
  • Safe Driver Discounts – Your driving history and previous insurance experience tell the insurance company what kind of driver you are – are you safe, cautious, etc. Violations and moving accidents appearing in your driving history are a definite red flag and will cause your rate to be higher. In most states, traffic violations remain on your record for a predetermined period of time, usually about seven years.
  • Defensive Drivers and Senior Drivers Discounts – Most insurance companies will reward you when you take a Defensive Driver Class (especially good for young, inexperienced drivers) or a Senior Driver Class (for people over 55).

Discounts increase

A great way to lower your insurance rates is to increase the deductible you pay when there is a claim. An insurance policy with a $0 deductible is more expensive than one with a $500 or $1,000 deductible.

Just make sure you have access to your deductible in the event of an accident. You’ll need it to file your claim and get the ball rolling on repair or replacement costs.

Be a safe driver and keep a good driving record

When people say that a ticket can increase insurance costs, it is true. Insurance companies monitor driving records for changes, so it’s a good idea to drive safely and avoid any moving violations.

If alcohol is involved, the consequences are dire. Your insurance company will raise your rates to the minimum but may also send you a notice of non-renewal, if not outright cancellation. Depending on the state in which you live, you may be required to file a value of SAR22 periodically to monitor your insurance coverage.

Do an annual review of insurance rates

Not only do insurance rates change over time, but your circumstances may change as well. You may have bought a home, changed jobs to a less commute home, or had a change in financial situation—regardless, it’s a good idea to review your insurance costs every year or two to make sure you’re paying the best rate.

This is especially easy with today’s market where you can easily search for a car insurance quote comparison without any cost or obligation. We discuss this in more detail below.

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Keep a strong credit report

Your credit report is your calling card in the world of financial services. If you just bought a new car and used a finance or rental company, your credit report has already been accessed at least once.

Insurance companies also look at your credit report to determine what type of risk-taking behavior you’re taking. Do you pay your bills on time? Are you currently on all your bills? Do you have excess orders from other insurance companies that may indicate a problem or recent cancellation?

Keeping your credit report in good standing (or better) will generally pay off.

credit score report

Use anti-theft devices

From immobilizers to prevent hot wires, to steering wheel locks and smart car alarms, there are plenty of ways to provide your vehicle with anti-theft protection. Many new cars come with built-in anti-theft devices. Whatever you choose, make sure your insurance company is aware of your precautions – this should positively impact your insurance rates.

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Rating the bells and whistles

You may pay for roadside assistance, rental car coverage, or other fees that you may not need or may be able to find elsewhere. For example, consider AAA or OnStar for roadside assistance replacement; It may be cheaper on an annual basis.

While some of these benefits may be worth paying for, you can often find alternatives at a lower price. It just takes a little research and investigation.

Reduce your commute

There has never been a better time to work remotely or at least part-time. This will reduce your annual commute miles for insurance purposes, so be sure to update your carrier if your business conditions change. It can save you a few percentage points of your annual rate.

Consider your location

Insurance can vary from state to state or city to city, but it can be different based on the neighborhood you live in due to factors such as crime, accident rates, and even the weather.

You may not be interested in moving your home just to save a few dollars, but if you anticipate moving soon, you may want to check out the neighborhoods.

When people search for new home locations, they often look at schools, crime rates, and even changing weather patterns. Contact your insurance company and see how your options for insurance rates stack up when choosing a new place to live.

Reducing the size of your car

Again, you might not be looking to sell your car just to save a dollar, but if you’re thinking of making a change, searching for car insurance price comparisons online can give you some good planning tips.

You can see from our list of best-selling cars in 2022, that larger trucks and more expensive vehicles tend to be more expensive to insure.

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Get a car insurance quote online

So, let’s talk about getting a quote for auto insurance online.

Today, getting competitive rates for all types of insurance has never been easier. The insurance market is in full swing, and most of the national companies are ready to compete in this open format.

While each individual company has their own pricing system on their website, you can take advantage of a site that offers unbiased, free, no-obligation quotes and recommendations from the carrier. We provide this type of forum so that we can search and compare all types of insurance rates freely.

It works like this:

You enter your basic information into a secure, encrypted quote engine and receive auto insurance quotes in seconds. From there, you can talk with the various carriers about the details of your circumstances and any potential discounts or savings they might include.

Once you’ve decided on your insurance carrier, rate, and policy, you can make your down payment and secure an official start date. Simple and effective!

So grab that new car or truck and have the peace of mind that you got the best deal available with exceptionally little work required.

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